Starting your Business

We provide you with all you need to start your business

Keeping overheads low and managing to stay flexible is what many startups require to succeed and we can provide that.
We know you need to create the best image possible and so we are here to cater for you and create that professional image, in a quick and easy manner.

Great Workspaces

Whether you want to work in the office, at home, or whatever way – we provide you with workspaces with all you need.

Mobile Work

In an increasingly mobile world, we provide mobile work spaces allowing you to stay in touch, be your best and make the most of your new business.

Meeting Facilities

Meeting with new people? We provide you with the meeting facilities and tools to impress.

Concentrate on Business

With our help, you can concentrate on your new business. We can take care of your book keeping and much more.

Support Services

Join us and save on a range of services

All you need in one place

Start up business need the right mix to succeed and we meet all your requirements. From private offices, to shared spaces, or accounts to HR, we can help your business, allowing you to concentrate on growth and success and all at a cost that keeps you competitive.
Why not contact our new business team via our online form, or by telephoning us on 01752 841900.

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