Confidential Shredding

Secure and confidential document shredding for the sensitive data you need destroyed by QStore.

Secure Document Shredding

One of the best and most secure ways to destroy or dispose of paper documents is to have them securely shredded. Keeping sensitive information out of the reach of people who could use them improperly, or simply to streamline your business and get rid of documents you no longer need, secure shredding is a cost effective and simple solution to the problem.
From simple office documents to more sensitive and private information – there is no better and quicker way than shredding, and QStore has all of your needs covered in an environmentally friendly way.

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GDPR Compliant

The way that data is collected, handled and used has changed thanks to the EU GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – and so have the ways a business is asked to dispose of that data. Our shredding services are completely compliant, meaning you won’t have to worry about fines or charges that may be incurred from improper disposal.

Pickup Services

From a one-time service to regular weekly or monthly pickups, we can be your partners in data and document shredding. If you deal with paper documents in high volumes we can arrange to shred on a regular basis by:

  • Providing your office with lockable and mobile bins for the sensitive documents
  • Picking up the bins on an agreed upon schedule
  • Providing you with certifications confirming our services

Any Questions

To find out more call our Saltash Centre Advisors on 01752 841 900

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