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Space Calculator

House Size

1 Bedroom House

50-65 Sq Foot

2 Bedroom House

65-80 Sq ft

3 Bedroom House

100 - 150 Sq ft

4 Bedroom House

150 - 200 Sq Ft

Van size

Transit Van

40sq ft

Luton Van

80 sq ft

7.5T Van / Lorry

200 Sq Ft

20ft Container

150 sq ft

Number of Boxes

Up to 150 boxes

35-50 sq ft

Up to 300 boxes

50 - 70 sq ft

Up to 550 Boxes

150-200 Sq ft

up to 600 boxes

250 sq ft +

Storage Calculator

We can show you a estimate of what your self storage is likely to cost. We tailor our quotes to your requirements so once we have these details we can provide you with an exact quote. The prices shown do not include any discounts or offers we may currently have running so please bare this in mind when you are looking at our pricing.

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