Car Storage

We are able to take care of your vehicle, whatever it’s type or value. We have expertise in the storage and maintenance of classic and high performance cars, looking after them correctly is vital.

Williams Crawford Ltd, the Porsche and classic car specialist know what it takes to look after these types of cars and that’s why they’ve teamed up with QStore, to offer owners of all types of machinery a truly suitable secure storage option.

Secure Place

We offer more than simply storage, this is a safe and secure place for your machine; somewhere you know your car or motorcycle will be cared for and look after. QStore is situated less than 10 minutes from Plymouth at the Gateway to Cornwall, meaning access is easy, clean and accessible from a wide range of locations.

This modern premises offers all the benefits you would expect from a world class car storage facility and the areas where the cars are stored can be provided with dehumidifiers, trickle charge so the cars are conditioned ready to go at short notice no matter how long it is left, valeting can be arranged and even servicing and repairs taken care off.

This allows you, no matter how long the car is left in storage, to have the maximum enjoyment from your investment.

Williams Crawford Ltd is able to offer bespoke packages to suit your requirements.


Access is also important and QStore offers your stored car or motorcycle being available to you with as little as 24 hours notice. There is also a collection and delivery option – so, if you want your car to be collected or delivered anywhere in the UK, it can be done with ease, saving you time and effort.

Irrespective of the type of vehicle, its special to you, Williams Crawford Ltd know it, QStore know it and you most especially know it. Storing your vehicle correctly allows maximum enjoyment, security, lower maintenance and significantly lower deterioration. It helps maintain the value of your machine.

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