Here’s a list of questions we’re often asked, if you can’t find what you need to know please view our Storage FAQ’s or contact us.

Who is QStore?

QStore is an independent self storage operator based in Saltash Cornwall on  the edge of Plymouth.  We take pride in providing a fair and transparent service which is great value for money and that’s why a large majority of our business is from previous customers.

What is self storage?

Self Storage is still quite recent service in the UK. A self storage centre has individual storage units that you can hire from a locker up to the size of a small warehouse or even larger, short or long term, internal and external. You have to bring your goods to the storage centre and lock them in your own storage unit, you keep your key so you can come and go as you need to. You can store almost anything unless it is perishable, live or flammable. If you’re a business we can even accept deliveries on your behalf including pallets, manage documents and even help with dispatch.
The best way to find out how self storage can work for you is to drop into the centre, we’re a friendly team who love showing people around! However if it’s not convenient to drop in, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

How does self storage work?

You can store your goods with us from as little as one month or for as long as you need.  Storage units can be booked in and you can also easily switch to a smaller or larger unit whilst in storage if you need to. Self storage at QStore is flexible, secure and very simple to use, in fact it couldn’t be any easier. Our staff are our “storage experts” and can help with almost anything, they are trained to help and advise you to make sure you get the best service and value for money.

How secure is QStore?

We take the security of your goods and possessions extremely seriously. To protect them we have a staffed reception, are physically very secure, have sophisticated alarm systems and 24hr CCTV surveillance.  Access to our storage centre is strictly controlled and monitored. You are the only one with access to your unit, which is locked with your padlock and any PIN codes are set by you.

Do I need my own padlock?

Yes, you need your own padlock to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your unit and to ensure that your unit is securely locked at all times. We stock a full range of padlocks in our store.

Can you provide moving service? I don’t have transport.

We do not provide moving services but we can recommend movers that other storage clients have used and had an excellent experience with.  We are not affiliated with movers so you will need to make direct contact with them. If you would like our list of preferred movers, please contact your Centre Manager.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, your goods must be insured whilst in storage. At QStore we offer really good value insurance according to your needs. It is always worth comparing rates when taking insurance with a self storage company, we work hard to ensure ours is always good value and often cheaper than our competitors.

Do you sell boxes and packaging?

Yes we do, our Pack and Lock range in our reception will have everything you need.

How much does it cost to store with QStore?

The rental charge is calculated according to the floor area of the storage unit, the smaller the floor area the less you end up paying, therefore the price you pay is determined by the size of the unit you need.  Our centre staff will ensure you get into the smallest space possible.  Estimating the space you need isn’t as simple and straightforward as it looks but we can advise you on how to stack your goods and possessions to make maximum use of the space.  In the meantime, if you would like to get a rough idea of how much space you might need, click here to use our size estimator.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is only one month. You can store for as long as you want, there is no maximum rental period, we don’t ask for a deposit and some people have been with us for over 5 years!

What is included in the price – are there any hidden extras?

The price for storage you are quoted includes VAT.  You will need a padlock to secure your unit and your goods will need to be insured whilst they are in storage and this can be arranged through us.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?

Unlike others our price is for a whole calendar month – therefore you’ll only pay 12 rental charges in a year. Other companies may charge you every 4 weeks which means you’ll pay 13 payments in a year!  Rental charges are due one calendar month in advance.

How long can I stay?

You are welcome to stay as long as you require and the minimum period is only one month.

How quickly can I move in?

You can normally move in on the same day as you make your enquiry (during office opening hours) providing that you have the relevant documentation needed to complete and sign your contract.  A form of ID is required, which must be a photo ID (passport or driving licence).  Payment of the first invoice must be made as you move in.

What do I need to open a contract?

A form of photo ID is required when opening a contract with us (passport, driving licence or photo ID card).  You will also need to pay your first month’s rental charge.

What kind of payment methods are available?

Most of our customers choose to pay by direct debit, however we accept also credit and debit cards. We do not accept cheques.

How often can I have access to my goods?

You can come and go as you please, 7 days a week, out of normal hours pin code access is available giving access 24 hours.

How do I get my goods to you?

You’ll need to bring your belongings to the storage centre.  Our centre has ample car parking and large loading/unloading areas.  Our staff are also able to recommend known removal companies who will take care of you.

Can I transfer to another unit if I need more or less space?

You can easily move to another size unit at any time, depending on your storage requirements and the availability of other unit sizes in the store.

How high are your storage units?

Units are 7ft in height.

Do you have trolleys available?

Trolleys are available free of charge for customers use.

Do you offer storage for business?

Yes, we offer flexible short or long term contracts including offices and associated business services such as warehousing, despatch, postal and other fulfilment services. There is no minimum stay and we won’t tie you into a lengthy lease, you’re a business and you need to remain flexible.

Do you have office facilities?

Yes, our QStore Business Centre  has serviced offices including meeting rooms and lots of associated services.

What if I have booked and my plans are delayed?

Just let us know and we can amend your reservation.

Can I book online?

We have online booking available or you can also easily book a unit by calling us today on 01752 841900.

If our caravan/camper van is parked at your external storage site, can we sleep in it over night?

Unfortunately, we do not permit overnight stays.

If I have a forklift truck operator’s certificate, can I use yours?

Sorry, we can’t let you use our forklift, should one be available, we would arrange to operate it for you.

If there is a power cut, can I still get in to my unit?

In the unlikely event of a power cut we will make arrangements to ensure you are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Can I supply my own trickle charger for my long term car storage?

Yes you can, however a small charge for electricity may be added to your contract.

What happens if one of your customers damages my caravan?

You must ensure that your caravan or camper is insured for such eventualities.

If I park my camper van in your external storage area, can I leave my car in its place if I go away in the van?

This should not be a problem, please discuss with the Centre Manager to ensure this is okay prior to leaving.

Where can I dispose of rubbish?

Small (non-electrical) items can go in our bin. Whilst we are able to recycle cardboard, we do ask that you make your own arrangements to dispose of larger items and all electrical items.

Do I have to carry my things to the unit?

We have trolleys on site for use by customers, should a forklift be required, arrangements can be made for you during normal opening hours.

Can a friend/relative access the unit on my behalf?

You may leave a spare key with us and authorise in writing anyone you wish to be given access on your behalf. They will need to show ID on arrival.

Do I have access 24 hours a day?

24 hour access is available at our centre.

Can I have deliveries sent to my unit?

We are happy to accept deliveries on your behalf by arrangement.

Are you a member of the Self Storage Association?

Yes we are a member of the SSA UK which is the UK Self Storage Association. This ensures you are treated fairly in all respects utilising a proven contract.

Still unsure? Need to ask us something?

Just contact us here or request a call back using the form on our home page.

Can I leave the keys to my unit with you?

Yes, we are happy to look after a key for you securely in our safe.

How much notice do you require for me to vacate my unit?

We try to remain flexible and work with any reasonable notice.

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