About QStore Business Centre Saltash

Since we began we have focused on consistently developing our services and products. We’ve always believed that if a business has all the products and services they need at hand they have a far greater opportunity to grow, whether small or large, global or local, part time or permanent.

Our senior team has pushed for the very best and our aim is to provide the perfect flexible office workspace. We want the businesses that come to us and our premises in Saltash to do their business more effectively. We want you and your company to focus on your company and not the small details of running an office area. We understand that small start-ups require low overheads and flexible solutions that are there to deal with everything thrown at them. We also know that the larger you grow the more you need. We cater for your every need, from the small and flexible to the large business in need of all sorts of resources. From Hot Desks, to Serviced Offices to our Disaster Recovery Service, no matter who you are or what your size – we’ve got you covered.

We do this through provision of our flexible office space and meeting rooms and have always aimed for quality, efficient and modern works and meeting spaces there to benefit you, whether you’re a home worker or a global business. Our top of the range offices, friendly staff and excellent facilities are there to make QStore exactly what you want it to be, when you want it.

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